Hospitality & Healthcare

On Premise Laundry

On Premise Laundry (OPL) are the most complex in chemical systems.  Laundry specialists are becoming extinct and replaced by "order takers".  Not at CCI... Our experts at CCI are among the top 1% of Fabric Care Specialists in the world.  We set the model in which laundry has evolved.  The latest in technology available is used to ensure a better, safer, and more cost effective solution for your facility.


We went to our customers to see what was important in a dispenser and that is where we focused our efforts. We have made operation easy with a simple push button activator and a large, pronounced clicking selector dial. The simplistic design is carried onto the tooless snap off cover for easier service and installation. With the optional joggle bracket, mounting units is as simple as hanging a picture. Minimizing the dispenser didn’t reduce its benefits, it just reduced the wall foot print and made everything easier about it. The MX Hospitality is a new standard in the proportioning market.


CCI took the technology of industrial stain removal and made it cost effective in a ready-to-use container.  Chemistry is what determines stain removal and makeup, and alike, requires specific chemistry not traditionally found in Hospitality & Healthcare. 

With our exclusive Laundry Pre-spotter, makeup and other stains can now be easily removed saving thousands in linen replacements.