Restroom Cleaning

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Programs Available!

  • Blow down vents and ledges
  • Clean commodes with Iron Stain Treatment 
  • Clean/ Sanitize walls, floors, fixtures, etc. 
  • Clean mirrors 
  • Urinal screens 
  • Floor Traction Treatment 
  • Odor Control 
  • Hand soaps Dispensers 
  • Toilet Paper 
  • Liners
  • Grout
  • Drain Maintenance

Hood Filters

Reduce cleaning labor With CCI taking care of your filters, employees  need not worry about the dirty and dangerous task  of removing filters over a hot grill. You don't have  to worry about half-cleaned filters or grease-  related odors.

Designed to trap more grease The aluminum baffle filters are designed to trap  more grease. They are UL listed and conform to  the National Fire Protection Association Code 96.

New filter with every service CCI routinely performs general inspections and  replaces used filters with brand new ones as part of  our complete service. CCI is the only company that  provides a new filter with every service, in this area.

Linen Reclaim

CCI knows chemistry.  Did you know that we are the only company that has the technology to remove make up stains?  It's not magic... it's using the correct chemistry for the job.  What's even better is we come to you!  We will provide our proven method onsite.  Not only does this make it convenient for the customer, but also reduces costs passing the savings to the customer!

We also do Upholstry!!